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Throughout my career, I’ve been collaborating with exceptional designers, engineers, illustrators, CGI artists, videographers, product managers, and data analysts. I’ve assembled dedicated teams to launch specific projects, and have built a full-time design department from scratch for a leading US tech firm. Siarhei Teams allows you to tap into my personal network of proven creative and tech talent and quickly upscale your operations without the overheads of traditional employment.

Whether you’re planning to enlarge your existing department to manage a sudden surge in workload, or aiming to introduce a completely new function within your organization, team outstaffing is a great alternative to traditional employment. It offers speed and flexibility, paired with a lower level of commitment. Yet you still get the required specialized expertise, as well as ideas and fresh perspectives from your new remote team members.

Global talent pool

Thanks to modern communication software and frameworks for asynchronous team management, remote work has transitioned from being an outlier to becoming a standard practice in how we get things done. Hiring doesn’t have to be local, nor does it have to be full-time.

With Siarhei Teams, you aren’t confined to a specific zip code—instead, you gain access to exceptional talent from around the world. While the members of our talent pool come from everywhere, our primary focus is on high-performing candidates from Central and Northern Europe. This region is renowned for its smart and experienced professionals with strong work ethics, and incredible level of expertise.

  • Product designers
  • Marketing designers
  • UX designers
  • Brand designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Illustrators
  • CGI artists
  • No-code developers
  • Front-end engineers
  • Back-end engineers
  • Copywriters
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Project managers
Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.
Steve Jobs

Design-driven teams

Even non-design roles hired through Siarhei Teams have an innate appreciation for great user experience and well-made products. When we build our talent pool, we are assembling a group of thinkers, creators, and problem solvers. Regardless of job title or specific expertise, each member shares a common dedication to quality and innovation.

Focused expertise

Our network is diverse, but it is also highly specialized. Whether you need a UI/UX designer with experience in improving conversions, an illustrator who has worked in editorial, or a front-end engineer with animation skills, we’ll have the expert for you.

Accustomed to transitioning between projects and clients, members of our talent pool are often ahead of the curve in their fields, staying informed about the latest tools, technologies, and trends. They do more than integrate seamlessly into your existing organization—they enrich it, bringing fresh perspectives and sparking new ideas that lead to more successful outcomes.

Proven track-record

The core of the pool consists of professionals from my personal network, whose expertise and reliability I’ve been able to test in the field. The extended network is carefully curated and built on the same principle—we only work with people known to consistently deliver. These individuals possess vibrant portfolios, have experience at leading tech firms, and are held in high regard by their peers and the community.


While finding the right candidate for your extended team is a process, it generally takes less time than securing a full-time hire. The reduced level of commitment for both parties enables quicker decision-making—a benefit that becomes especially viable when you need to onboard multiple people at once.


As your project evolves, you can adapt the composition and skill set of your team to match your shifting needs. Looking to pivot from design to development? Upscale or downsize? Introduce an entirely new function? With the team augmentation model we offer, all of this happens seamlessly, regardless of the project’s size or duration.

Build a team with Siarhei

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