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Great design creates an emotional connection between the product and its users. Great user experience helps build a relationship upon this connection

Hi! My name is Siarhei (alternatively Serge) Stashkevich, and I’m a designer for digital products, based in Vilnius — one of Europe’s finest capitals.

I work remotely with clients from all over the World, including places like San Francisco, New York, Amsterdam, Melbourne, and Moscow.

I enjoy designing websites and mobile apps for startups and established businesses. Over the course of my career, I’ve helped many companies and entrepreneurs take their products and brands to the whole new level of quality and refinement.

lets his clients speak for him

Siarhei has a wonderful design sense

— Pete Soderling
CEO and Co-Founder at Hakka Labs
San Francisco
Pete is a 500 Startups mentor and CEO at Hakka Labs (community platform for engineers). As seen in Quartz, Mashable, and TEDxColumbia
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lets his clients speak for him

Working with Siarhei has been a phenomenal experience

— William Pearce
Head of Product at InboxVudu
San Francisco
InboxVudu is a real-time to-do list from your most important emails. As seen in Forbes, TechCrunch, Gigaom, GeekWire, and TNW
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lets his clients speak for him

Siarhei is quite possibly the most astute designer I’ve ever worked with

— Justin Frech
Director of Marketing at ZendyHealth
Los Angeles
ZendyHealth is founded to revolutionize healthcare access. As seen in NY Times, LA Times, CBS, NPR, and TechCrunch
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showcases his work

Reimagining campaign management with Coca-Cola

Brand Coca-Cola
Siarhei's Role UI/UX Designer
Commissioned by Robo-t
Industry Beverage

Coca-Cola is as well known for its beverages, as for its outstanding marketing. BTL (bellow the line) campaigns are in the heart of it.

Siarhei worked closely with Robo-t studio wire-framing and designing Coca-Cola’s BTL programs management system. The result makes it easy to launch any campaign of the sort. Assemble your team, choose brand, date, and venue; and make sure everything goes according to plan.

for Coca-Cola

Reinventing e-learning for the Twitter generation

Brand Coursmos
Siarhei's Role UI/UX Designer
Industry Education

Coursmos is a powerful open education platform. With its short and easy to digest courses, the company pioneered in the field of micro-learning.

Siarhei collaborated with company’s San Francisco headquarters to create the second version of its iOS app. Keeping a strong focus on content, we made it possible to browse through the courses effortlessly and effectively, enjoying the process of learning as you go.

for Coursmos

Making micropayments more accessible to merchants

Brand Loyalbill
Siarhei's Role UI/UX Designer
Industry Finance

Loyalbill is an innovative micro-payments system with an advanced set of tools for merchants.

Siarhei oversaw the shaping of product's brand and overall look and feel. Distinctive visual appeal, very novel for the segment, made the company stand out from the competition, and became a key factor in building up a solid customer-base.

for Loyalbill

Facilitating relationships with small businesses

Brand Sberbank
Siarhei's Role UI/UX Designer
Commissioned by Robo-t
Industry Finance

With 250,000 employees and $16.8 billion operating income Sberbank is probably the biggest bank in Europe.

One-window platform is a core bank's customer service software, that allows to manage bank’s SME accounts in a more effective way. Siarhei wire-framed and designed the system layout in collaboration with Robo-t studio.

for Sberbank

Successfully tackling the problem of email overload

Brand InboxVudu
Siarhei's Role UI/UX Designer
Commissioned by Parakweet
Industry Tech

InboxVudu is your inbox’s best friend. It sits quietly in the background making itself known only when you’re in danger of missing something important.

Siarhei has been working with InboxVudu’s Californian team for almost a year, helping with an array of design related tasks: from on-boarding animations for Apple Watch and iOS apps to Chrome extension, email newsletters and web app fine tuning.

for InboxVudu

Disrupting Australia's professional market

Brand ZippyCrowd
Siarhei's Role UI/UX Designer, Consultant
Illustrator Christopher Maisano
Industry Human Resources

ZippyCrowd is the peer-to-peer skills marketplace. The game-changer in how we live and work.

Siarhei was approached by company’s Melbourne office to design the key product for the business — its mobile app. Keeping colourful and playful branding as a cornerstone for the new design, he brought in more white space and consistency to the product and made it easy to post jobs and browse through new gigs.

for ZippyCrowd

Enhancing user experience for online retail

Brand Megadeal
Siarhei's Role UI/UX Designer
Industry Retail

Megadeal is a new brand for consumer electronics and accessories retail.

Megadeal approached Siarhei in pursuit of designing its online presence, forming the brand, and establishing company’s visual language. The result of the collaboration is a merger of typical online and offline retail aesthetics, with massive colourful typography and prominent product display at its core.

for Megadeal

Creating bright new chapter in online advertising

Brand Platform
Siarhei's Role UI/UX Designer, Art-director
Illustrator Dziugas Valancauskas
Commissioned by Ultralab
Industry Advertisement

Platform is an open real-rime system, that allows you to build your own advertising business.

Siarhei was commissioned to design company’s main website and visualize the capabilities of the platform. With the help of famous Lithuanian artist Dziugas, he built the whole new visual language for the company, featuring lively characters and fun yet informative illustrations.

for Platform

Connecting best engineers with top tech companies

Brand Hakka Labs
Siarhei's Role UI/UX Designer, Consultant
Industry Tech

Hakka Labs is a platform connecting software engineers to help each other solve problems and develop their craft.

Siarhei has been working with Hakka's New York team for more than a year, helping with a whole set of various products: Hakka Labs main website with blogs and profiles, Hakka Logs engineering matching platform, various landing pages and email newsletters.

for Hakka Labs

Helping travellers experience Europe at its best

Brand Visit Apps
Siarhei's Role Icon Designer, Identity Designer
Commissioned by Robo-t
Industry Tourism

Visit is a series of handy travel apps for your iPhone, that guide you through the best places of Europe, even when you are off the grid.

Siarhei designed the original identity system for the apps, which features prominent landmarks decorated with colors of national flags. Each app has a vivid and distinctive character, yet it falls in line with the rest of the family.

for Visit Apps
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